14 events can ruin anyone’s day, but not for those who know how to laugh.

According to research, many workers feel the worst on Wednesdays and mark this day as the longest day of the week. But, as we know, luck is a fickle woman, and she turns around with us regardless of any day or how many times a week. The good news is that encountering problems is just as easy as encountering a difficult situation and turning it into an advantage.

We believe that a sense of humor will help you escape humorous troubles when you raise your head high. And to demonstrate, we’ve collected some photos that prove that luck can turn off at any time. The key is to be ready for it.

  1. “I walked all day with underwear on my head.”
ilovegingermen / Reddit

2. “I decided to change hairdressers. I also have an appointment in an hour.”

markom1946 / Reddit

3. “Why buy fruit when you can grow your own?”

Public-Custard-6438 / Reddit

4. “I accidentally broke a apple slicer and ended up creating an irresistible apple.”

5. “It seems like today is not my day.”

sonnet155 / Reddit

6. “So today I ordered pizza…”

vredesbyrd66 / Reddit

7. “Why does this happen just on the day I’m going camping 600 Km away from home?”

ThrowingChicken / Reddit

8. “There’s a baby,” they said. “It will be very joyful,” that’s what they said.

© EquivalentTrouble253 / Reddit

9. “This is the birthday cake my mother had delivered.”

© succulentdrumstick / Reddit

10. “So breakfast is gone.”

Reggie__Ledoux / Reddit

11. “I found the watch that my son dropped three months ago.”

© penguinhardowski / Reddit

12. “I slept on the charger and forgot about it. Today I have an important meeting with a client on Zoom.”

boardernut / Reddit

13. “Oh! I have a performance at the school concert in an hour.”

KabbySmash / Reddit

14. “I wished for a wireless mouse, and this is how my siblings helped me make the wish come true.”

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