14 people were asked to photoshop their own photos. But the masters of jokes and satire got to work.

Expert photo editors have unlimited capabilities. You can put yourself into your favorite movie, or turn your cat into a superhero in a movie. However, not everyone knows how to edit photos skillfully, so they turn to the ready-to-help Photoshop masters. Just like with any desire, one must be cautious, because when fulfilled, these mischievous tricksters will fully utilize their imagination and sense of humor.

“She posted a kiss in the wind photo. Does she need a prince there?”

© Maximum-Airline-4900 / Reddit© Unknown author / Reddit© Shrek / Dreamworks Pictures and co-producers

“Can you make Jack from Titanic draw my cat as one of his French girls?”

© raidthebakery / Reddit© LeonBurke1981 / Reddit© Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

“And have Jack hold my dog instead of Rose on the boat.”

© Snoo-87328 / Reddit© LeonBurke1981 / Reddit© Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

“Transform the image of my dog into a masterpiece painting.”

© T-revyChase / Reddit© LeonBurke1981 / Reddit

“This is my brother at a bowling alley. Can it also be transported to the Renaissance era?”

Uerwol / Reddit 
MaxPower244 / Reddit 
Wikimedia Commons

“Let my sister’s cat do something fun instead of just looking out the window.”

Tiny_Emotion_2628 / Reddit 
-Scott-Brown- / Reddit

“Please make my husband look more manly and confident.”

TamborineRock / Reddit 
GoombaPizza / Reddit

“The child says my painting doesn’t look like a pig. Shall we prove him wrong?”

armichfihnett / Reddit 
Dingleberry_Pie37 / Reddit

“Actually, it’s a hogfish.”

“Can you make my wife look a bit smaller? So the car next to her doesn’t look so big.”

TheBiggestZander / Reddit 
stein89jp / Reddit

“Place my cat into some funny situations.”

Starbuckker / Reddit 
ariyen420 / Reddit 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc.

“Is there a way to effectively replace my mother-in-law’s shoes in this photo, as she doesn’t like them?”

Skinniedude / Reddit 
SeemonHaze / Reddit

“Put my dog in a Christmas sleigh.”

coveymcd2 / Reddit 
Gouravsatyawali / Reddit

“My cat is not satisfied with the sandwich I made. Can you photoshop something fun to make it better?”

© pumpkinmum / Reddit© ab00gab00gab00 / Imgur

“Add something interesting to the background.”

© petetemovic / Reddit© Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm and co-producers© LeonBurke1981 / Reddit

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