Top Pictures Taken At Right Time

We are avid fans of perfectly timed photos that capture humorous or surprising moments in a blink of an eye. The internet is filled with amusing photos shared by individuals who have managed to capture the perfect shot, be it from the right angle or at the exact moment, and we want to share some of those with you.

Anyone with a smartphone, simple camera, DSLR or any other type of camera can take amazing and funny photos with the right timing, location, and angle, whether it’s staged or spontaneous.

Browse through our list and you may find some inspiration for your next photo shoot!

#1 Looks like she’s already won the ‘best vacation photo’ award – sorry, everyone else!

#2 A morning yawn that felt destined, just like the picture hanging behind.

#3 Looks like Lady Liberty upgraded her lightning bolt.

#4 The water balloon didn’t pop, it just decided to crown the kid king of the mushroom people.

#5 Who’s the reel pro at fishing?

#6 This dog must have had a parent who was a giraffe with his long neck! Or maybe he just likes stretching his neck for a better view.

#7 That guy in a dress is really rocking the look!

#8 When a banner and a puddle come together to create art.

#9 The fish that got away…from the water and into the bird’s mouth!

#10 This dog’s got some serious fire-breathing skills!

#11 Captured the moment when the shark realized it was tricked by the water surface.

#12 Hey, what did I do wrong?

#13 Swimming like a fish.

#14 These two cats seem destined to be together.

#15 Look at the dog!

#16 If Isaac Newton came back to life and saw what this dog is doing, he’d definitely throw his own books up in the air to study new physics.

#17 Bicycle accident.

#18 Why my tail still there?

#19 Here’s the new magic!

#20 Looks like someone’s ready for nap time instead of drill time!

#21 It seems like he has been harboring this sneeze for many years.

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