Don’t miss out on the hilarious moments of different animal species.

Pictures of incredibly hilarious moments captured by photographers of various animal species will make viewers smile.

When taking pictures, remember to smile genuinely (Picture: BP).
If you can’t smile, then know how to twinkle your eyes to pose in front of the camera (Image: Getty)
A little laziness on the first day of the week (Image: 9gag).
Being caught by Mom to go home while having fun (Image: Chee Kee Teo).
Lovable or scary? (Image: Aditya Kshirsagar).
One look at the face and you know it’s not a happy time! (Image: Andrew Mayes).
Sleeping tired face after a wild weekend night with friends (Picture: Anita Ross)
The excited duck (Image: Charlie Page).
A chorus of frogs (Image: Chi Han Lin).
If there is no one to sing with, a solo is still possible (Photo: Clemence Guinard).
Air accident (Photo: David Eppley).
Why is it suddenly so dark? (Photo: John Speirs).
In the midst of an epidemic, please keep your distance! (Photo: GP).
When men “gossip” (Image: F.A).

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