From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes those surprises are just plain ridiculous. From the tacky knick-knacks your Aunt Edna insists on giving you every Christmas, to the inexplicably popular “dad bod” fashion trend, we’ve all encountered things that make us roll our eyes and question the state of the world. But then there are those moments that are so sublime, they make us forget all about the absurdity that came before. Whether it’s a stunning sunset over the ocean or the first bite of a perfectly cooked steak, these experiences make life worth living. So let’s take a journey from the ridiculous to the sublime and see what kind of hilarity and beauty the world has in store for us!

#1 Stacked seating at a restaurant

Stacked Seating At A Restaurant

#2 Best way to place Fire Extinguishers

Hidden Fire Extinguishers

#3 A new, modern clock!

Found On The Designp**n Frontpage

#4 Hey, guess what? We’ve finally figured out how to drink rainbows!

Drink The Rainbow

#5 Nature bathroom

A Nature Inspired Bathroom

#6 Let me just swing my belly smack into the table

Swinging In The Conference Room

#7 Stairway to hell

Possibly One Of The Worst Staircases I've Ever Seen

#8 Bicyclar

A Car Fender Bicycle

#9 Holy F**king S**t

Holy F**king S**t

#10 No way this can go wrong

No Way This Can Go Wrong

#11 Apartments in Amsterdam

Apartments In Amsterdam

#12 Another silverware set… Another useless spoon

Another Silverware Set... Another Useless Spoon

#13 If You Get Lost, Your Crotch Will Die

A Banana Slide That Trains Your Determination. If You Get Lost, Your Crotch Will Die

#14 This building used to cook people and things!

This Is The New University Building Of Freiburg That At The Same Time Blinds The Road Traffic

#15 I can hear this image

Found On Fb... I Can Hear This Image

#16 What a great way to make your books go mouldy.

Books And Bath

#17 Airport security’s worst nightmare

Let Me Just Find My Keys

#18 It looks like a jail.

A Balcony Without Sun Or Fresh Air Is Just A People Shelf

#19 In Flash, we have Reverse-Flash. But now, we have Reverse-Lamp.

Oh Yes, Reverse-Lamp

#20 This could be from Lord of the Rings

These Would Be Awful To Use

#21 Splash-Proof Urinals

Splash-Proof Urinals

#22 The Lucky Knot Bridge In China

The Lucky Knot Bridge In China

#23 Whyy?

Why? Just Why?

#24 Luxurious bathroom.

This Luxurious Toilet

#25 Clocks


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