The Beauty and Significance of Water in Visual Storytelling

The WildArt Photographer of the Year competition is an event created by wildlife photographers, for wildlife photographers. In March of 2022, the competition announced the winners of its first monthly contest of the year. For the WET competition, photographers were invited to submit their best photos on the theme of wildlife and water. The results were astonishing: American photographer Vicki Santello won first place for her incredible image of a lynx from Yellowstone National Park carrying its successful prey. These photos serve as a testament to the importance of water not just as a vital resource for all life on Earth, but also as a stunning backdrop for the natural world’s most fascinating moments.

“Kingfisher Reflection” by Luca Lorenz (Germany).

“Splash Down” by Vicki Jauron.

“Silky Sunset” by Sean Chinn

“I’m Stuck!” by Lukasz Sokol

“Shake it Off” by Florian Warnecke

“The Successful Hunt” by Vicki Santello
“Rainforest Echo” by Bernhard Schubert

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