The distressed faces of children when they know their family has a new member

A little girl crying loudly when her mother is pregnant. The other boys and girls aren’t very enthusiastic to welcome the new sibling and sometimes even show resentment.

The toddler cried loudly when she found out that her mother was pregnant.

Holding her own baby, but there’s no hint of happiness on her face.

Oh no! So my parents told me I’m going to be an older sister? Who am I? Where am I?

Having a younger sister, everything has to be shared. Oh, the reality is so tough.

The poor little brother was painted all over his face by his siblings

The pout of the child shows clearly their dissatisfaction having a younger brother (sister)

Who can understand this pain for me?

The boy still doesn’t understand what’s going on! This matter is beyond his comprehension.

The girl is still angry even though she knows the whole family is going for a commemorative photo shoot.

While the brother was smiling seeing the younger sibling, the sister was sulking because she has been dethroned as the youngest.

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