The shocking unharmed body and prophecy of the Khambo Lama.

Since 1927, more than 90 years have passed since the death of the Western Tang Buddhist monk Khambo, but his body remains intact and has not been decomposing, causing a stir among scientists and even President Vladimir Putin of Russia had to pay homage.

Before his death, he left behind a shocking prophecy.

The 12th Khambo Lama, named Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, was the successor of the 11th Khambo Lama of the Tibetan Buddhism. In 1911, the 12th Khambo Lama became the head of Tibetan Buddhism in Buryatia, Russia. He built temples, published scripture, and dedicated himself to promoting Buddhism. Due to his knowledge of medicine, he created a comprehensive herbal medicine textbook, used his superb medical skills to treat the local people. From 1913 to 1917, he opened the first Buddhist institute in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 1926, he left behind a prophecy for the monks saying, “the red terror is coming”. This was a forewarning of a catastrophic event. This prophecy quickly became a reality and the Soviet Communist Party killed 30 million Russians in the 10 years that followed.

The Soviet Communist Party not only massacred its own citizens but also exported violence and terrorism abroad. In the mass extermination of religion by the Soviet Communist Party each “revolutionary” participant had a quota. Each person had to handle 10 cases a day, exceeding the target would have a reward. To get the reward, some people handled 60 cases a day, some handled hundreds of cases a week.

Soviet soldiers committed massacres against the population.

On June 15, 1927, the 12th Khambo Lama passed away. Previously, he instructed the monks to visit him after 30 years. The lamas of the monastery secretly opened the tomb in 1955 and 1973. Finding that the Khambo Lama was still in a meditative state and his body was not damaged. When the Communist Party of the Soviet Union persecuted all religions, and when the unscathed body of the lama was discovered, they immediately kept it secret.

Latma Khambo, left image: when alive; right image: over 90 years after death. (Image: Sound of Hope)

Comprehensive body check for preservation.

Until 2002, the secret of the undamaged body of Latma Khambo was revealed. Yuriy Tampereyev, a medical researcher, conducted a comprehensive examination of this undamaged body and the results showed no signs of embalming from head to toe, no incisions, no injections, and no marks. Latma Khambo’s body was not embalmed but it was well preserved.

To embalm, various methods are used to completely remove water from the body, so that the body can be preserved. However, the body and skin of Latma Khambo still maintained a soft state. This phenomenon was not found in the embalmed body. Death usually causes the body to stiffen as life leaves, and death spots appear. After the fat drains, sap of death and a smell of decay will emit. But none of these phenomena appeared on Latma Khambo’s undamaged body.

Professor Viktor Zvyagin, an expert from the Russian Federal Center for Buddhist Studies said:

Study of Latma Khambo’s intact body found intact skin, hair, hand bones, & other parts, like a living person. Protein structure in the body was still functioning, emitting fragrance when opened. Zvyagin said Latma’s temp below 20°C indicates death, but Galina Yershova of National Humanitarian University in Russia found joints bendable & muscular system elastic like a living person.

You will be surprised because the body of the Khambo Lama is unchanged.

In general, proteins can be stored for 3-5 years at -80°C. The protein structure in Latma Khambo’s body, however, has remained unchanged for 90 years, unaffected by time, temperature, or environment.

The preserved body of the 12th Latma Khambo offers an opportunity for the world to investigate spiritual phenomena. People can achieve the undamaged physical materiality while constantly elevating morality through the methods of pilgrimage. This has a lot of experimental evidence in both the East and the West, it is not a special case.

Why did Latma Khambo preserve his undamaged body, while alive he once said:

“When people lose their faith, that’s when I will appear, making people think about the meaning of life!”

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