The World’s Best Landscapes, Straight from the Lens: Inside the Natural Landscape Photography Awards

This year, a new photography competition has emerged to celebrate the beauty of natural landscapes: the Natural Landscape Photography Awards. The event aims to showcase stunning landscape photographs captured by photographers who value authenticity and realism in their work. And it shows from the very beginning: all participants are required to submit the raw version of their photos along with their edited versions to ensure that the competition’s strict rules on photo editing are not being violated. “We recognize that there’s no gain in banning all aspects of image processing, which is an integral part of our art. We’ll allow all techniques that respect the visual integrity of the image and its subject.” The goal? To offer a result that accurately reflects what the viewer could have seen with their own eyes. With over 1,300 participants from 47 countries, the competition promises to be a breathtaking celebration of natural beauty.

Eric Bennet

Paul Hammett

Steve Alterman

Franka Gabler

Doug Koepsel

David Swindler

James Lane

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