Weird thing you can do with photoshop.

Photoshop is a very useful and convenient tool in our daily lives, but if you have mastered it, it will become a magic tool that creates images that go beyond its limits. And if you don’t want your images to become one of the following funny cases, don’t ask someone to photoshop for you, or you will regret it.

#1. I have traveled around the world.

Source: Mynameisnotmarlin

#2. Cool dress.

Source: CoordinatorFightClub

#3. Cat home…

Source: annollid

#4. Split headset for teamwork

Source: Nilliay88

#5. Let me add some beans.

Source: amir-hadi-nejati

#6. Shadow don’t lie.

Source: amir-hadi-nejati

#7. They won’t throw a dart to me, right ?

Source: saucegod207

#8. Where is that hand come from ?

Source: littlestwho

#9. She has a long hand.

Source: artsyfartsy007

#10. What are we looking at ?

Source: Jannik_1905

#11. I definitely don’t want that shape.

Source: F_N_K

#12. Something wrong with this machine.

Source: Qome

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